What Is Xanthelasma?

Xanthelasma is the medical term to describe cholesterol deposits on the upper and or lower eyelids. This doesn't mean that your blood cholesterol is high at all. They are common and show up as white or yellowish streaks or strips. They start out small but can get quite big. Most people find them quite unsightly.


How We Remove Xanthelasmas

These are fairly easy to remove when they are small. If you have left them for a long time, and they are too wide then we can only remove part of them.

We use local anaesthesia ie freezing with the tiniest needle that we can use. An narrow eclipse of skin is then removed that includes the xanthelasma. Sutures are then use to close the skin. These are usually removed 5-6 days later. We recommend keeping the working moist with Vaseline up until the sutures are removed.


We charge $750 per eye to do this. It includes the after care and the suture removal.

Xanthelasma Image
Xanthelasma Image
Xanthelasma Image


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