What Are Lipomas?

Lipomas are lumps of fat under the skin. They are really common and can be anywhere on the body. They usually show up as a soft lump under the skin that has been there for many years. They are almost always painless and the skin on top of them is normal. They can be single or you can have many of theme. They grow very slowly, but always grow and can become huge. We have removed them up to 20 cm long!

We always recommend if you are not sure, or they are painful or if they are new and growing quickly that you consult your Family MD.


How We Remove Lipomas

We do these under local and can do several at once. The local anaesthetic is placed around the lipoma with the tiniest needle possible. A small incision is made over the lipoma. We then dissect around the lipoma to isolate it from the normal fat. We then remove the lipoma in one piece. The skin is then sutured. You may shower on the day following surgery. We recommend using a bandaid and some Vaseline. Sutures are removed at 6-7 days on the face and 10-14 days on the body.

Lipoma Image


What's The Cost To Remove A Lipoma?

The cost to remove a lipoma varies according to the size and complexity of the surgery. The charge starts at $585. We offer a reduced cost if you do others on the same day.


What's The Recovery Like?

Recovery is really quite easy depending on the size and location of the mass. You can shower the next day. We recommend a bandaid with some Vaseline once a day. The sutures are removed 6-7 days later. Some of the bigger ones can collect fluid in the cavity where the lipoma came from. We may ask you to come back at a week to extract some fluid.



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