Split Earlobe Repair

Split earlobe

What Is A Split Earlobe?

Split earlobes are a very common. There are some people that have very stretched lobes and some that have them completely torn and still others that are only partially torn. The nearly torn lobes are usually from earrings that are too heavy. The fully torn lobes are usually the result of getting your earring caught on something.


How We Repair Split Earlobes

At Carlton Cosmetic Clinic we do these surgeries using local anaesthetic. The anaesthetic is put into the earlobe using the tiniest needle. We then clean and drape the affected ear. The two sides of the split lobe are then meticulously cut out. This requires a special knife and a great deal of expertise. Once the two sides have been removed and the bleeding has been stopped we sew up the ear. We charge $550 for the first earlobe and $350 for the second earlobe if you do them at the same time.

What's The Recovery Like?

Recovery is really quite fast. You can shower the next day. We recommend a bandaid with some Vaseline once a day until the sutures are removed. The sutures are removed 6-7 days later.

Repiercing Your Ear.

We always close the ear completely. We recommend repiercing your ear about three months after the surgery.

Split Earlobe

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