What Are Cysts?

Cysts are generally defined as fluid filled sacs. They are very common. They must commonly occur on the scalp (Pilar Cysts) or on the face and body (sebaceous or epidermoid cysts). There are many other types of cysts as well. They can occur on most places in the body, most commonly on the head and neck and back.

The typical cyst forms because the opening to a little tiny sweat gland closes. The oil that the gland makes gets stuck inside the cyst and it grows.

Cysts are benign meaning they they are not cancerous. They grow and grow. Sometimes they get infected. If they get Infected then they usually take months to heal. Their removal is easy and not covered by OHIP.

Cyst Image


How Do We Remove Cysts?

Cysts are removed under local anaesthesia which means you are wide awake. We then clean and prepare the area. A small eclipse of skin is removed over the cyst using the smallest incision we can. We then remove the cyst in one piece. This method ensures the lowest chance of it coming back. The sutures on the body come out in 10 - 14 days. The scalp sutures are usually absorbable and fall out in 10 - 14 days

We usually charge $585 for the first cyst and $350 for the second cyst if you do them at the same time.

What's The Recovery Like?

Recovery is really easy and you can go back to work the same or the next day depending on the size, amount and location of your cyst. Generally you can take a product like Advil if you are not allergic and have some mild discomfort. You can shower the next day. We recommend a bandaid with some Vaseline once a day. The sutures are removed 10 - 14 days later. As mentioned before the scalp cysts are usually absorbable so they come out by themselves.



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