What Are Moles?

Mole is not a real medical word but a word most people use to describe a bump on the skin. We usually use the word Nevus. There are so many different types of moles. The common ones that we remove form a light to dark brown, tan or even bluish bump on the skin. They usually are on the head and neck and Moles are benign skin lesions. They can be there from birth or can appear later in life. The ones we remove are usually on the head and neck and have been there for many years.

We always recommend following your moles with your Family MD. If a mole is new or changed then we strongly recommend you show your Family MD as soon as possible. Uncommonly these moles can be cancers and form a melanoma. Please familiarize yourself with the ABCDEs of Malignant Melanoma.

Mole Image


How We Remove Moles?

There are two different ways to remove a mole. Both of these methods require local anaesthetic or freezing. This surgery can be done on the same day of your visit or you can book it for another visit.

The first way to remove a mole is to shave it off. On this method we shave the mole flush with the skin. This leaves a round scar. The mole can regrow but it usually takes years.

The second and more complete way to remove a mole is to cut it out as an ellipse. This means that we cut the mole out with a very narrow margin leaving the smallest possible scar. We always prefer to leave the scar in the line of a wrinkle.

What's the recovery like?

Recovery is really quite fast. You can shower the next day. We recommend a bandaid with some Vaseline once a day. The sutures are removed 6-7 days later.


How Much Does it Cost?

We usually charge $550 for the first mole and $350 for the second mole if you do them at the same time.



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