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The commonest cosmetic fillers used today for beauty purposes are Hyaluronic acid fillers. Hyaluronic acid is a natural sugar molecule that already exists in our skin and joints. There are many Hyaluronic acid fillers on the market today, and an experienced cosmetic injector often uses different filling agents with different properties, much the way a painter uses different brushes or pigments to achieve specific effects in a painting. The goal of a good injector is to impart a natural effect, to bring out the best and most beautiful features in every face, and to give a more rested youthful look while restoring lift and volume that's been lost with age. To make for the most pleasing cosmetic effect, filler is often combined with Botox treatment


What Areas Can Be Treated With Filler?

Common areas where filler is injected include:



Nasolabial lines

Lines from nose to the corner of the mouth

Marionette Lines

Also called puppet lines, ie lines from corner of the mouth to jaw


Under eye

So called “ tear troughs”





Example of areas for dermal application
Botox applied to woman


What Is Filler-How Does Filler Work?

Most fillers used today are clear jelly made from hylaruonic acid that is injected under the skin to “plump up” the treated area. When injected with the correct technique, these injections can achieve subtle lifting, as for example in a cheek augmentation with VOLUMA™, and can actually restore a more youthful harmony to the features. Under the eyes, fillers like Redensity II can fill dark hollows, Whereas VOLBELLA™ or Belotero® can achieve plumper, fuller and poutier lips when used for Lip augmentation. Thicker products like VOLUX can achieve a more defined, sculpted Jawline and more prominent chin when used for Chin Augmentation.


What Can I Expect From Filler Injection Consultation?

A good cosmetic filler injector will evaluate your features, and advise treatment based on your specific face. Treatment should never be dictated by a cookie cutter approach, and should always take into account your particular anatomy. For example, are there any subtle asymmetries? Do you have strong cheeks, but a weak Jaw? Do you have a strong chin, but flattened cheeks? Is your upper lip out of proportion with your lower lip? Every consultation should start with a discussion of your goals, and a treatment plan that will restore good proportions, harmony, and a natural looking result.

What Can I Expect From Filler Injection Treatment?

At the time of treatment, your face will be cleaned with antiseptic, good photos will be taken, and either numbing cream or ice will be applied just prior to injection. Most people find filler injections fairly comfortable. It is possible to be slightly swollen or experience mild rednesss after treatment, but this usually resolves quickly, so for the most part filler is a “ no downtime” treatment, and many people will have treatment on their lunch hour and return to work afterward. Many of our patients ask us whether they will look “ puffy”, like some of the celebrities they have seen on TV. At Carlton Cosmetic Clinic we are committed to natural looking results. We never want our patients to look over done , overly puffy, or not like themselves. Good filler injections will help you look like your best self, well rested, youthful, vibrant and energetic.


Is Filler Safe?

The best answer is, in the right hands, i.e. when injected by a medical professional with good training and experience, yes filler is safe. Like all medical treatments, there are possible side effects to filler. Some of these can be serious when it is injected badly, by an inexperienced or untrained person. At Carlton Cosmetic Clinic our medically trained expert injectors at both of our Mississauga and Toronto locations have extensive experience with filler injections. They will review all possible side effects before treatment, and will carry out your filler treatment in the safest manner to insure the most comfortable, hassle free experience with the best results.


How Long Does Filler Last?

How long a filler result lasts depends on several factors including which area of the face is injected, which product is used, how much product is used and one's own individual metabolism. In general however, filler lasts 6-12 months. However, when many areas of the face are treated to restore overall facial balance, the effects of filler can often be prolonged for longer periods with intermittent smaller "touch up" injections are carried out.

What Does Filler Treatment Cost?

The cost of filler injection is influenced by how many areas of the face are treated, and how much product is required. Treatment can vary from $550-$3000.

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